Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my christmas gifts!

i got a stero for christmas and a portable DVD player and a barlowgirl CD and money which went towards a little webkinz dolphin! and more money with a HUGE horse book, then more money which went towards a Superchick CD. and I got some new shirts! and a grooming kit from my sister and were getting a WII!!!!!!!!!!


so i get to start back with enrich again! I can't wait because it means that I get to see all of my friends! I can't wait to find out what games were playing in girls gym and I signed up for a debate class. so that should be fun! and i have also singed up for girls choir. so I hope that go's well! 


HAPPY NEW YEAR! my new years resolution are to be more kind to my brothers. to be better at horse back riding, and to have a great time! I love the new year! it offers sooooo many opportunity's! I love thinking of what I can be this year!