Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

okay so christmas is here. and I'm at my grandmothers waiting to celebrate the rest of the holiday.. I got a awsome Stero for my ipod! it's SOOO BIG!! I really like it because it's also a CD player in it. and I got a barlowgirl CD. I love it! then I got a portable DVD player and some money and iceage: the meltodwn! it's a great movie. then as a present to myself I got the narnia prince caspain movie. I still have more things to open this year!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm so happy that christmas is almost here! it's going to a white one here! (read last post) but I REALLY WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS! I need to open something! I'm going to be able to open something tommorow but it's not the same at all! but it's TWO DAYS AWAY!!

is there no end to this snow?!

I really wish that we won't get anymore snow! I really don't want it! right now its fine because it finally stoped snowing! thankfuly! I have gone sledding since this down pour of snow! thats one of the ups but I'm going to my grammys on christmas and her hill is death. you go there and your risking a couple broken bones! thats how that hill it. but lucas go's right to the top. I don't even go  up half way! so I think that he's crazy! but kyle just about broke his neck last year. someone had built a ramp and he went on it then his head flew back so then daddy said that were not allowed to go on the ramp anymore. but I don't anyways and I never will so whats the point of telling me but I wouldn't have done it anyway


Thursday, December 18, 2008


so yesterday I went sledding because we got TONS of snow!

I will tell you more later!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have been making a gingerbread house for the past couple of days!
I haven't really been making it. I have been eating the candy! it's really quite good! tasty!

My family is going to make christmas cookies. I don't know what kind but I hope that some of them are chocolate ones!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Presents!!

so what do my readers wants? I want some horsey stuff! I want this really neat grooming kit and a lead rope and a crop. so then I can be ready for when I get my horse!! I also wants some things that are musical. like a Ipod speakers which are sooooo cooool! then I want a Barlowgirl CD and a album called All wrapped up.

Tell me what you want for Chirstmas! PLEASE!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookies! and my sisters birthday!

my sister is 25 or something like that! I hope that she has a long life! happy birthday eva!

Okay and today I'm also making cookies at my friends house for her churches thing tommorow and Saturday. so why can't I just get done with school in three seconds! i want to watch some TV


Oh I have changed my mind on the horse that I would like to adopt, Mighty Sue is not riding sound so I may have to change my horse that I would like to get!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


why can't money just grow on trees for me to pick off? Oh hi! I thought that I was writing on my blog! maybe I'm just upset right now because my dads not going to have a job in the next month, so I'm trying to still get riding lessons together. because they can't pay for it all by them selfs so i need to give them a little help! please drop me a little comment of support for me and my family!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

adopt a horse!!! (potluck)

okay so I want to adopt a horse! the horse that I want is called Mighty Sue. and my moms like completley against it. but I think that my dad is pretty willing!! she's a very sweet looking mare! I want her so badly!! check out he to check out her! and maybe even adopt a horse!!

okay so there's a potluck today for my homeschool group! and I have to go help set up today. but I hope that i can go to my friends house afterwards, because my brothers might have her brother here


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas tree.. oh Christmas Tree...

okay so I hope that you all know that Christmas is coming! right? I really want a lot of things right now, but the main thing that I want is a horse! I really would like a black one! but I would also like to rent a horse named pixie at the barn! she's a sweet little white brat and an angel at the same time. but my friend Rebecca whom I ride with is convinced that ponies are evil but most of the ponies there are pretty mean! but I love them to death any ways! 
I want a grooming kit and a lead rope, just so when I do get my own horse then I'm prepared. and I also want my own crop. which can help. I want lots of music for Christmas too! I want barlowgirl and many others! I want some Ipod speakers because the ones that I do have are not very useful! I want a nintendo DS or a WII but I probably won't get either! I'm trying to convince me brother to help me save for one! and maybe my daddy will buy the WII sports game! 

my brother kyle wants a nerf gun and lucas wants to be a member of a game here on line called toon town, and I want to be a member of stardoll. but neither will probably.