Tuesday, December 23, 2008

is there no end to this snow?!

I really wish that we won't get anymore snow! I really don't want it! right now its fine because it finally stoped snowing! thankfuly! I have gone sledding since this down pour of snow! thats one of the ups but I'm going to my grammys on christmas and her hill is death. you go there and your risking a couple broken bones! thats how that hill it. but lucas go's right to the top. I don't even go  up half way! so I think that he's crazy! but kyle just about broke his neck last year. someone had built a ramp and he went on it then his head flew back so then daddy said that were not allowed to go on the ramp anymore. but I don't anyways and I never will so whats the point of telling me but I wouldn't have done it anyway


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