Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i am here and i am soo behind on this!

yeah.. so i have been really behind on my blog... but oh well! i did get a facebook so i am on that most of the time, like a normal teenager would be, i still have my ipod and my friends and my family so its been pretty busy here on my end of things, i have been camping lately, we went to indiana and it was pretty cool, since i didnt think i would have any kind of fun! i have so many new friends since the last time i wrote here

i am more into music then i ever was, i get new songs or anything just about everyday, i do what i normal girl my age does, sleeps watches tv and other stuff, fights with friends and family, so its pretty normal here on my end

i'm still riding i have moved on to a new teacher and i am jumping finally! its been such a big goal of mine! i am riding new horses and moving up in that place! i think its really awsome and i will keep you posted on that!

i am still writing, i have written a short story, its about my friends and some what based around the story of sleeping beauty, so its specail to me, i am learning how to play my guitar and i have written some songs already, so i am still writing and everything!

well i have to go now.. getting ready to go get some new stuff for riding


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my christmas gifts!

i got a stero for christmas and a portable DVD player and a barlowgirl CD and money which went towards a little webkinz dolphin! and more money with a HUGE horse book, then more money which went towards a Superchick CD. and I got some new shirts! and a grooming kit from my sister and were getting a WII!!!!!!!!!!


so i get to start back with enrich again! I can't wait because it means that I get to see all of my friends! I can't wait to find out what games were playing in girls gym and I signed up for a debate class. so that should be fun! and i have also singed up for girls choir. so I hope that go's well! 


HAPPY NEW YEAR! my new years resolution are to be more kind to my brothers. to be better at horse back riding, and to have a great time! I love the new year! it offers sooooo many opportunity's! I love thinking of what I can be this year! 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

okay so christmas is here. and I'm at my grandmothers waiting to celebrate the rest of the holiday.. I got a awsome Stero for my ipod! it's SOOO BIG!! I really like it because it's also a CD player in it. and I got a barlowgirl CD. I love it! then I got a portable DVD player and some money and iceage: the meltodwn! it's a great movie. then as a present to myself I got the narnia prince caspain movie. I still have more things to open this year!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm so happy that christmas is almost here! it's going to a white one here! (read last post) but I REALLY WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS! I need to open something! I'm going to be able to open something tommorow but it's not the same at all! but it's TWO DAYS AWAY!!

is there no end to this snow?!

I really wish that we won't get anymore snow! I really don't want it! right now its fine because it finally stoped snowing! thankfuly! I have gone sledding since this down pour of snow! thats one of the ups but I'm going to my grammys on christmas and her hill is death. you go there and your risking a couple broken bones! thats how that hill it. but lucas go's right to the top. I don't even go  up half way! so I think that he's crazy! but kyle just about broke his neck last year. someone had built a ramp and he went on it then his head flew back so then daddy said that were not allowed to go on the ramp anymore. but I don't anyways and I never will so whats the point of telling me but I wouldn't have done it anyway