Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i am here and i am soo behind on this!

yeah.. so i have been really behind on my blog... but oh well! i did get a facebook so i am on that most of the time, like a normal teenager would be, i still have my ipod and my friends and my family so its been pretty busy here on my end of things, i have been camping lately, we went to indiana and it was pretty cool, since i didnt think i would have any kind of fun! i have so many new friends since the last time i wrote here

i am more into music then i ever was, i get new songs or anything just about everyday, i do what i normal girl my age does, sleeps watches tv and other stuff, fights with friends and family, so its pretty normal here on my end

i'm still riding i have moved on to a new teacher and i am jumping finally! its been such a big goal of mine! i am riding new horses and moving up in that place! i think its really awsome and i will keep you posted on that!

i am still writing, i have written a short story, its about my friends and some what based around the story of sleeping beauty, so its specail to me, i am learning how to play my guitar and i have written some songs already, so i am still writing and everything!

well i have to go now.. getting ready to go get some new stuff for riding


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